Breakdown of Shorter Concerns 1. 2011
14 books, permanent marker on newsprint paper
Page size 5 x 8

Fourteen books were created with the following titles:

  • Place
  • Oblivious To Flora, Flora Was Oblivious
  • Khichdi
  • Context
  • Hammering The Ground With A Miniscule Mallet
  • Bird Trying to Be Pigeon
  • An Anthology of Containers with Strange Caps And Vice Versa
  • Inverted Drawings/ Drawings Of Inverted Objects/ Drawing Inverted
  • Raven
  • Tuesday
  • No title (Folding)
  • Diagrams for Folding an Office Table (In Three Steps)
  • Diagrams for Folding a Wheelbarrow (In Two Steps)
  • Diagrams for Folding a Door

A slideshow of the books (in three sets) has been added for viewing.