Breakdown of Shorter Concerns 3. 2011
6 drawings (permanent marker on archival paper) and 1 inkjet print on archival paper Varying sizes

Breakdown of Shorter Concerns 3 suddenly pauses and looks at the cityscape. It is the year 2011 and here we are, stepping into the future that we kept referring to in shows, films and in books. Bringing to mind Brazil, the Jetsons, Minority Report or even Nineteen Eighty Four, that grey, dilapidated world falling into itself is supposed to be this and those busy, vertical and layered cities are these. The strange comparison that is disarming and ridiculous at the same time appears in the form of a story unfolding on the rooftops of different buildings across the city where the water tanks of all shapes, sizes and colours become conspicuous dots. Two human characters are also part of the story but their role is not clear. Are they the antagonists of the situation portrayed or just bystanders or perhaps our mighty protagonists, the heroes who have arrived to save the world from the predictable end of most futuristic end-of-the-world stories?

The cancelling of text at the beginning of the work is meant as the obvious gesture that it seems: There will be no explanation provided, just strange images as the drawings rise out of the varying paper and medium of execution. It changes and ends finally in a panoramic photograph of the old city, doctored to declare the occurrence of a strange event, the beginning of the end, as if saying, “The caps are off”.