"The Brooding Protagonist looks at the world in agony, intensifying his/her gaze, waiting for a shift in circumstance, waiting to a point of futility. Through the work, the artist looks at multiple representations of the brooding protagonist in local film and drama history and then the personification/transference of this character into real life, appearing as a feature sporadically in people around her as if as a strategy, this intense gaze into the sunset/nothingness/infinite space will resolve issues of all magnitudes. The artist proposes architectural setups to successfully employ this strategy, presenting juxtapositions where architecture meets on otherwise insignificant functionality.

The Brooding Protagonist is based on characters from Pakistani dramas and Indian films around the nineteen seventies and eighties. The work zeroes in on the representation of the hero/heroine in their moment of brooding. Usually accompanied by a monologue, recalled dialogue or a song, this moment is more often than not a defining moment in the film or drama, before or after a climatic event. For this moment, the story is suspended: the protagonist and the audience alike bask in this suspension, absorbing the pain, angst, sadness, intensity of emotion and/or confusion over a grave decision.

The work takes on this moment of suspension.

Split between analytical studies, proposals and exercise, the act of brooding is opened up into elements of architecture, set design, acting, postures, gestures, lights, camera angles, protagonist/figure and environment in an attempt to find the defining aspects of this phenomenon.