Foldings, Dispandings and Regroupings. 2011

Folding 1 (Office table)
Folding 2 (Wheelbarrow)

Drawings for folding a table, originally an idea explored on the page jumps out to establish its validity and logic in the third dimension. An old office desk and a wheelbarrow, folded as if flexible like a sheet of paper or cloth. There are two to three simple steps and the idea moves from the conceptual to the physical and back again, as the title declares the final forms to be simply folded objects.

Dispanding 1 (Dining table)
Dispanding 2 (Cylinders)

The word 'dispand' comes from the Latin root 'pandere', meaning to spread out or stretch. The word is not in common usage and essentially means "to expand". The dining table that has stretched its legs out, suspended after the first step of an activity that was planned but did not reach completion. It is stuck to the wall. The cylinders too can no longer perform their function, but they seem to be breathing in an out, they still stand together while the onlooker observes and is either fearful or amused by their loss of power.

Regrouping 1 (Two mugs)
Regrouping 2 (Two wheelbarrows)

The third in this series of 'actions' performed on objects, the Regroupings seem to express a desire to salvage the process. There is hope, an effort is made, but the new forms are either monstrous or completely helpless. Now new roles need to be defined and the original intent is neglected in light of this new dilemma.