How Can I Tell You Everything? 2011
Inkjet prints on archival paper
Varying Dimensions

In How Can I Tell You Everything? diagrams are selected from books acquired over time from old bookstores, roadside stalls etc. The books are not ancient but old enough for most of the information they contain to be considered obsolete. I've always liked diagrams and in this work I decided to stay with the actual diagrams and put them forward in their original glory.

The first step was to erase out or delete information that had been carefully worked out and put there in the book and for which the diagram itself was just the structure. I've taken away the information and am leaving you with the structure or skeleton. This may be frustrating but it can also be a relief if you give yourself a moment of quiet observation and just experience the form of these diagrams.

As I continue to control the information in this work, I present the source of these diagrams in the last panel and then I hold back again, because you can't tell which is which or what the diagram could be about even after receiving this information. That last bit of information also forms another kind of structure: the books can be indicative of certain intentions. Books on How to draw for the Papers, How to build bars, the US Soldiers Manual, Engineering Drawing, and Workshop Calculations, Tables and Formulae and their publishing details, come together to present historical references to certain times and places, almost like an excerpt from informational data that was missed, hinting at a possible theory that we can create. I suppose I've been looking at trends in the news media. We live in the age of unlimited conspiracy theories sprouting within seconds of any Breaking News, which itself has become extremely frequent and the last segment of this work echoes that, to me at least.

And in the title, How Can I Tell You Everything? there is the dichotomy of regret and reassurance, desperation and protectiveness: does it mean I cannot tell you everything though I'd like to, as in, I don't have a choice or does it mean that I'm choosing not to tell you everything because perhaps its better if you don't know?