Refining - Islamabad, 23-03-05, 03-03-06
Video (displayed in 5 x 7 inch LCD screen)

The video "Refining" is a sped-up run through of photographs taken by the artist in Islamabad on the 23rd of March 2005 (Pakistan Resolution Day) and then on the 3rd of March 2006 (the day President Bush visited Pakistan and met with President Musharraf after his India visit).

The run-through, which is otherwise too fast for the viewer to see, pauses on certain images of the Islamabad landscape with nothing but the mountains, or cows in green park areas, or the sky and also stopping a number of times at footage of commandoes/soldiers marching in the parade, captured off a screen of the TV, as seen all over the country.

This video has then been shot off the monitor of the computer, where the viewing of the photographs becomes an almost neurotic activity by the artist, repeated, pre-controlled and recorded. The term "refining" appears on the screen as the software (Picasa) runs through the images, refining each image as you see it. The artist is also playing on the term 'refining,' which she feels is a persistent feature of the capital city, caught in refining itself.

The artist is from Islamabad and has been documenting the city since 2001.