Untitled 2007, 2007
Digital slideshow, large scale single channel projection
Varying Dimensions

“Notebook Entry
There were sightings, this will be a significant year.”

Untitled 2007 is documentation of a performance at the National Art Gallery, Islamabad, that took place at the time of the Gallery's inauguration in 2007 as part of the show Sites of Substance. This was one of the twelve curated shows that were put up simultaneously for the Gallery's grand inauguration by the then-president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf. Five figures in white anti-contamination-like suits appeared a week before the planned opening in March 2007 and walked through the different spaces of the building. They also visited the site of an under-construction building on Jinnah Avenue, the road that connects to Constitution Avenue at the junction where the National Art Gallery is located.

The actual opening was then postponed and the security clearance earlier granted to the artist, the photographer and the suited figures was cancelled. When the inauguration finally commenced in August later that year, the figures were allowed into the space only once the President had left the building.

Untitled 2007 is part 4 of an ongoing work, which started in 2005.