NCA Library

Conceptualised as a subtle critique of institutional structures, NCA Library is a sequence of photographs sampled from the closed circuit cameras monitoring the National College of Arts library in Lahore, Pakistan. The projection reveals the artist's subversive act of placing his own catalogues amongst the library stock.

The work is exhibited along with the following text.

On the 18th of April 2006, Indian artist Anup Mathew Thomas entered the National College of Arts (NCA) library in Lahore after closing hours, where he placed thirteen catalogues of his work titled Well, Basically this is about Thomas Jacob. Each of the thirteen catalogues was inscribed individually for artists who were then teaching at the NCA. The artist went back the next day to shoot the library during working hours.

Most of the catalogues in time disappeared from the library. It is difficult to ascertain how the catalogues left the library. It could be the work of the students, teachers or other visitors to the library or the authorities who found them.

There are 16 cameras installed in the NCA library to deter acts of vandalism or theft.
On the 4th of May 2006, the Artist found one of the catalogues in an artistís studio, who had been informed during casual conversation earlier that a catalogue had been left for him in the NCA library. However, this artist had picked up a copy that was inscribed for another artist, since he could not find the one that was in his name.