Vow 2
I am always interested in rituals and being in Japan, I noticed that human faith is very similar: people do make wishes and vows everywhere. I was looking at the similarities in Indian beliefs, and Japanese, was witnessing it and in turn produced artwork involving the subject. I have used materials that are coming from that kind of belief and ritual.

Product of an undocumented performance
What you see is literally a product of an undocumented performance. I served bones to my guests and it was followed by an act of washing bones. It was a very laborious process to take away blood stains and turn it to white. When the bones turned white, I used them as lampshade, which further emphasised the whiteness that is a product of hard labour.

This is done at a time when there are power politics going on back home in Karnataka and also in Japan where I was doing a residency. Power is something that is unattainable permanently.

Homage to Scapegoat
This is leather collected form leather factory and it is a by-product of the meat industry. It made me think of how the death of one being is food and warmth for another living being and it is homage to these animals.

Flashes of Light
It is inspired by flashes of fireworks.

Cleansing is a single channel video projection of a video projection of a video projection of a performance. “I started with shaving off my head in an attempt to get rid of the unwanted. Shaving one’s head is often associated with death rites and ritual ablutions. I then projected video footage of garbage disposal and recycling units onto my shaven head, which in turn was recorded and projected into a WC bowl being flushed. A recording of this projection is finally projected onto a wall of material being prepared for recycling (in this case, on a wall of old newspapers). In this manner there is a gradual progression towards a symbolic cleansing of unwanted memories and thoughts and ‘flushing’ them out of my mind. This piece was made in late 2007, while I was on a residency at the Arcus Project, Japan.