Not forever
Life that seems forever is short and temporary. I am using forms and materials that remind one of end of something – empty silo, wood logs piled up that remind us of a funeral pyre; barbeque stove that reminds of fire, burning; a coat made of charcoal that looms in the air that speak of our assumption that status and wealth are permanent, while they are not and the coat looks ready to burn down anytime. The laughter that fills the air is not a laugh out of happiness or sadness: it is a laugh at the self.

Fruit Punch
Everything in nature is changing, some slowly, while the others quickly. In ‘Fruit Punch’, I am celebrating the ephemeral quality of nature in its various forms. Smell is a very elusive aspect and for me it works well in addressing a subject that is about the quality of ephemerality. I have involved the olfactory system in creating, relating, experiencing and appreciating art.

A moment in time
Some very short moments of life are some of the strongest, enduring, beautiful, enlightening and cherished moments than long ones. I am trying to capture those delicate and fleeting moments through light materials. I am also drawing my inspiration from the act or ritual of winding thread over sacred trees in Indian tradition.