Someday it all has to end
Srinivasa Prasad

Someday it all has to end was born out of frustration, fascination and the laborious task of clearance. The work is in a sense autobiographical, as it progressed concurrently with the construction of the artistís house. Through the long, strenuous process of construction, he was drawn to the ease with which migratory birds assemble, relocate and reassemble multiple homes throughout their lives.

A meditation on the transitory nature of birds caused the artist to start weaving bamboo and thorns into work that emulates a birdís nest with acutely human proportions. Through this work he explores the idea of whether material attachment is a distinctly human attribute where we become attached not only to the objects around us but also become emotionally invested in the structures we build.

As with his previous work, Someday it all has to end acquires a transient quality due to the repeated and laborious intervention by the artist. It seems to capture the essence of the nest as a space of protection while disregarding its function as a place of comfort. Though there are avenues of entry, these resemble the descent into the rabbit-hole, fraught with the perils of the seen.

Srinivasa also attempts to transcend the idea of the creation of art as static, immobile structures upon completion. With Someday it all has to end the artist introduces the element of performance to the medium of installation and challenges the rigid dichotomy of the artistís studio (a space where artwork is at its most fluid) and the gallery (a space where artwork is exhibited with the inherent assumption of completion.) The work as well as the display will continue to evolve during the course of the show as the artist continues his exploration of where the work will lead.